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The online home for the
Women and Girls of Northeast Ohio

Women make up more than 1/2 of the population but sometimes it seems that the Internet has ignored this fact. In fact, in May 2004 74.7 million women got online while only 69.6 million men did.

The sheer enormity of the Internet does not make it easy to find information, resources and items of interest for women in the Cleveland area.

By narrowing the broad scope of the Internet to a particular group (Women) and location (NE Ohio) we can provide easy-to-use, relevant and local information to our audience. Plus, we are native Clevelanders and we love our town!

ClevelandWomen.Com is geared toward providing information, resources and fun to the female population of Northeast Ohio - and those who care about them. In fact, we hope that the men in your life will visit and maybe learn what makes you tick.

Aren't there already lots of sites for Women?

Sure. There are about 2 million new web pages created each day - the Internet has become overwhelming! ClevelandWomen.Com will be a place to get all the information you need - tailored to your location and interests.

Information from your local hospital. Advice from a local financial planner or interior designer. Coupons from your local stores. Schedules of events in your neighborhood. Names you recognize and trust. Resources you can call on.

Not to mention lots of fun features on local women - some you know well and others who will be new to you.

If you are 50 years old or above or care for or about someone who is, please check out our sister web site ClevelandSeniors.Com, the online home for "Seasoned Citizens of Northeast Ohio."

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