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Life Interrupted
The scoop on being a
Young Mom
By Tricia Goyer

This book is written from the experiences of a woman who herself had been a teen mom. As a young girl she dreamed of a perfect family with a white picket fence around her house and a husband and children who love her.

As a result of wrong choices her dreams crashed and burned as she discovered she was pregnant and about to become a mother at 17.

The book does not judge or even comment on the "right or wrong" of teen pregnancies. Instead it deals with it as a reality and offers hope and confidence for the young mother. It lets the mother-to-be know what she can expect in many different situations and helps with tips on how to cope with those situations and handle them appropriately.

The author deals with the needs of a young mother, needs familiar to everyone, but more evident in a teen age mother.

The author also introduces the subject of God and how He can help in this, or any, situation. She explains how the mother still has support, from God, even if her family or the baby's father turns their back on her.

It is a very inspirational book dealing with a difficult subject. Whether you are the young mother to be or know someone who is, this book offers great insight.

Reviewed by Mary Shandling

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