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100+ Wedding games
By Joan Wai

We've all been to weddings where they toss the bouquet and maybe even the garter. This is said to date back to Medieval days when they had some really rowdy receptions!

Of course "rowdy" is in the eye of the beholder and this book wisely begins with a disclaimer that weddings are a "very sensitive time" and "fun and funny can be surprisingly subjective." This applied to me.

I read this book with much anticipation for the shower I was soon having. Given the expected guest list I found only 3 or 4 games we might be able to use. (NOTE: The author has a new book of 100+ Baby Shower Games) Other groups with different ages, interests and backgrounds might find a lot more to use.

The 130 page, softcover book is broken down into how the games are played as follows:

  • Speed Games
  • Sit Down Games
  • Memory/Word Games
  • Active Games
  • Fun Activities
  • Pranks

The Appendix has some nice Trivia Questions (Where was the couple's first kiss?), 50-50 Questions (Mountain or Beach?), Comparative Questions (who owns the most clothing?) and more.

This is also where you will find a valuable Game & Activity Index. This breaks the items down by category:

  • Moms & Daughters
  • Rowdy Girls
  • Reception Appropriate
  • Instant Party
  • Going out to Play
  • Coed Crowd
  • Groom Required and
  • Everybody's a winner

This should be your first stop in the book, in my opinion. I wouldn't want my 12 year old niece who is helping with the shower to read some of the, ahem, more risque games. But others would be of great interest to her.

You are sure to get some ideas for your event from this book. My only caveat is to be aware of the people who will be attending the wedding and look for something that will be fun for all.

Reviewed by Mary Shandling

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