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Just for Fun
For Cleveland Women & Girls

Hidden Images and Optical Illusions
Can you find the faces in the tree - and more?

Is Mommy a bad Role Model?
Pole Dancing drawing by first grader

Public Toilets
What women deal with in the Ladies Room

Why Men are happier than Women
What can you expect from these simple creatures?

Catty Advice for the New Year
These kittens are wise beyond their years

Surgeon General's Warning
Picture of what could happen to you!

What if they were Women?
Famous men morphed into women

Martini for the Financial Crisis
It's time for the Bailout Martini

Facts of BBQ Life
When men cook out on the grill

Try this Optical Illusion
How does it do that?

When Polar Bears attack
See the amazing photos (cute)

Panda Bear Baby Photos
See them grow from a tiny start

Shop & Support the Fight for Breast Cancer

Funny sentence game the kids are loving
Don't let the youngsters have all the fun!

Count the People
Not as easy as it seems!

New Name Game
What's Your Gangsta, Soap Opera, Drag Queen, Star Wars (and more) Name?

Buyer Beware
My new Quarter Horse

Special Screen Cleaners
for the Low Tech

Refrigerator Magnets
for the Modern Woman

Hurricane Wilma
Is this an actual image?

Talk like a Pirate
Ahoy Matey - Have some fun on Talk like a Pirate Day

Walk like a Pirate
Walk your Pirate Talk!

Fun, but useless, Facts
How can you live without knowing these?

Like Mother used to do
A poem for Women

First baby?
How things change after the first and second

Kiss the Frog!
Will you get a prince or...?


A True Friend will know

What your Favorite Dessert
Says about you

Eye Magic
Can you see the Giraffe?

Tips for Holiday Eating
Atkins (and Doctor) Unfriendly!

Warning! (not really)
This could happen to you too.

Men at Work
Some funny pictures

Fun Quotes by Women
From chin hairs to high heels

What Cartoon Character Are You?
Answer these 10 questions and find out

Real Women vs Ladies
Which are You?

Crisis? What Midlife Crisis?
Reflecting on the Changing Body

Why it's great to be a Woman
Can you add to the list?

A look back at "younger days"
Set your body free!

Who needs a Man?
When you have a dog?

The Curtain Rods
Don't you love a happy ending?

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