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What's at the Movies
August 2005
by Carolyn McFaul

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The Wedding Crashers

Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn trade comic riffs like veteran jazz players in (and I quote)an "Enjoyable" comedy about guys who crash weddings to sleep with bridesmaids then find themselves falling for a couple of them.

It was funny in part but way too much sexual innuendo and the "F" word was used constantly. I guess I am living too long because I don't appreciate this nonsense. In this day and age, anything goes - nothing is left to the imagination.

Is this the normal way of making movies? If so, I won't be going to the movies and while I'm at it, read on to the next review.

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112 minutes
Rated R
Carolyn's Rating - C-
Critic's rating - B

Bad News Bears

It should be rated "STINKS!" This is a shabby re-make of the 1976 version. It has nothing more to say than the original but manages to be much more foul-mouthed.

The excess of profanity makes the movie inappropriate for younger children. The little actors and actresses were disrespectful to each other.

If this is what we have to look forward to in the upcoming generations, Good Luck to everyone out there!

Also, Billy Bob Thornton is an alcoholic man coaching kids - and to sleep with one of their mothers!!! Who needs this?

Save your money and for God's sake keep your youngsters away from this sideshow!

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or to buy from Amazon

120 minutes
Rated PG13
Carolyn's Rating - D
Critic's Rating - C

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