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Movie Reviews
What's at the Movies May 2008
by Carolyn McFaul

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88 Minutes

This is a fast moving movie that keeps you interested and wondering what is going to happen next. This is a serial killer-thriller with Al Pacino making a living as a forensic psychiatrist trying to figure out psychiatrist trying to figure out who is threatening to execute him in less than an hour and a half.

Pacino gets set up constantly. When the solution does come to light there is a lot of far-fetched twists and conspiracies - just seems way far out - but I enjoyed it. I'm sure you will agree Pacino has done far better movies.

This movie gets its R rating from a whole lot of violence, torture, nudity and really strong language.

105 minutes
Rated R
Carolyn's Rating - B
Critic's rating - C

Made of Honor

Patrick Dempsey, Michele Monaghan and Levin McKidd are directed by Paul Weiland in this movie. Dempsey plays Tom, a male slut whose list of dating rules keeps his bed partners at arms length. He relaxes with Monaghan, his best friend since college.

A six week separation makes Tom realize his hearts desire is Monaghan and in the mean time, she has found a beau while on a job in Scotland and comes home to tell Tom and her family. The plot thickens from here.

My lady friends and I enjoyed this movie but it was very much like "My Best Friend's Wedding". If you liked that one you will enjoy this one - unless once with this plot is enough for you.

The Scotland scenes were excellent and the castle scenes and activities were interesting.

101 minutes
Rated PG 13 SL
Carolyn's Rating - B-
Critic's Rating - C-

What Happens In Vegas

This movie stars Cameron Diaz, Ashton Kucher and Rob Coddry and is directed by Tom Vaughn.

Cameron Diaz plays Jay, a pretty but stuffy commodities trader who gets dumped by her arrogant boyfriend. Kucher plays Jack an adorable party dude who just got fired from his dad's company. Jay and Jack take off for Las Vegas for partying and gambling and getting drunk and end up getting a quickie marriage.

They end up trying to split up but by accident they put a quarter in a slot machine and win $3,000,000 dollars. They go before a judge who orders them to live together for 6 months, and of course many problems ensue.

As audience members we had to sit through each one of them. The two actors did their best to make you laugh and enjoy it, and ridiculous as it was - it worked. We did laugh and enjoy it.

99 minutes
Rated PG 13SLD
Carolyn's Rating - B
Critic's rating - C+

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Carolyn McFaul

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