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Holidays 2004

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The Polar Express

Director Zemeckes and actor Tom Hanks (in multiple roles) create a magical holiday gem that is true to the spirit of the beloved children's book.

The Polar Express Train whisks a group of children, led by a doubting boy, to the North Pole to see Santa. Very young children might be bothered by a few scenes.

I enjoyed this movie, but some others with me said that the humanesque characters are unsettling, not quite flesh not quite figment. The characters are sort of creepy and might induce nightmares instead of sugar plums, but I enjoyed it.

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100 minutes
Rated G
Carolyn's Rating - B


In this fast moving funny remake of the 1966 star making Michael Caine movie, Jude Law plays the rakish British bachelor, transplanted to New York.

It's "Sex in the City" for men. It is about a callous womanizer who begins to question his lifestyle. There's a lot of good stars in this, but I still didn't care for it.

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103 min.
Rated R
Carolyn's Rating - C-

Bridget Jones (The Edge of Reason)

Renee Zellweger is still adorable in this Carbon Copy sequel. But the flaws that were easily overlooks in the first movie (chiefly Bridget's unending stupidity) are more visible and are incredibly annoying.

There is way too much swearing in this movie, and it doesn't help the plot any. To me this was more of a remake than a sequel.

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107 minutes
Rated R
Carolyn's Rating - C-

Christmas with the Kranks

If you love Christmas this movie is for you.

Jamie Lee Curtis is good, but Tim Allen is mediocre. But it is funny in different parts.

It's about a family missing Christmas and going to spend the holidays in a warmer climate. Then their daughter calls them and says she and her soon-to-be fiancé are coming home for Christmas. Then the fun begins.

98 minutes
Rated PG
Carolyn's Rating - B

Shall We Dance

All I can say is I've seen the movie twice already. When it comes to the cheaper shows I'll see it over and over again.

Don't miss it. Richard Gere is sensational!

95 minutes
Rated PG13
Carolyn's Rating - A+

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