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Sex and the City
by Darlene A. Morales

What city? New York, L.A., how about Cleveland?

Friday night the Cleveland Posse Girls went to the premier of the Sex and the City movie at the Valley View theatre on the west side. We purchased tickets ahead, met at Budapest Blonde for cocktails. What a cool place by the way.

Then, we joined the sea of Cleveland women fans at the theater. It was something. There were so many goddesses in one space that you could feel the feminine energy surging through the room.

Afterwards, we went to Donte's for a climactic Cosmopolitan to complete the evening in classic girl's night out fashion.

Carrie, Miranda, Samantha, and Charlotte hit the big screen this weekend, four years after the series ended. Warner Brothers said crowds were 85 percent female for Friday nights opening event.

The movie hit the top spot on the North American box office with a total of 55.7 million, out doing Time Warner Inc.'s expectations of its 25 to 35 million dollar range.

The Posse movie poll consensus was a Mr. Big, thumbs up. HA. We all had our own opinions whether or not we would have really gone and married Mr. Big, after all that Carrie had been through, but, we all enjoyed the film.

I myself, may have to go for a second showing, due to the fact that I missed the one second frontal nudity shot of the hot neighbor guy in the shower. How could that happen? I think I looked away for a second to put a milk dud in my mouth, then, the crowd erupted, and I realized…I missed it. Timing is everything.

So…why do women relate to this single girl, looking for love, in the city, phenomenon? I have a few guesses.

Other than the fact that the fashions are intriguing and the shoes are so outrageous that most of us look at them and can only dream with envy. What is the draw?

We are all still looking for love. May it be in all the wrong places or not. No matter what age, race, religion, social status, or sexy, expensive shoe size we happen to be. And we relate to the friendships that are portrayed here. We are those girls.

The Posse girls: Bev, Jan, Marcy, Anne, and Darlene really all have a little Carrie, Miranda, Samantha, and Charlotte in us after all. We are successful and discerning, like Carrie, and love the shoes and purses.

We are smart and kick ass when we have too, like Miranda. And, are we hot like Samantha? You bet your little wearing nothing but sushi selves, we are! And we also have the sweet, sensitive side of Charlotte. All rolled into one.

Women relate to the relationships and the bonds that women friends have with each other. We would all defend to the death our girls from the dastardly men who have done them wrong.

Charlotte cried while defending her friend Carrie, when she confronts Mr. Big, "I curse the day you were born." We have all had a Mr. Big, or not so big, cross our paths at least once in our lifetime.

And let's hope we all have a Charlotte who would come to our defense, should we need her. That's what real friends do. Girl friends love each other and want the best for each other, no matter what.

The moral of our story here is this: Don't give up on love my dears. It is still possible. It exists. And while you are in between romances. Love yourself.

Love always exists in your own heart. Give it away whenever you can. Whether you are with a partner now, or not. Take care of you first. Don't forget to do that.

Being single is just as fulfilling as being married, but, usually without as much laundry.

Peace and Love, Darlene

Cleveland Women

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