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Gas Prices, Driving and Traffic
in Cleveland and Beyond

You can click on the image to see the stations that are selling the least and most expensive gas.

The Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) has a web site service that lets you check on reports or events that may affect your driving plans.

They call it OTIS - Ohio Transportation Information System. You can visit OTIS on-line and search for information and view maps.

They also have a site that lets you click on a map of Ohio and get information from road and weather sensors.

This will give surface condition (dry, wet, etc.) surface temperature, visibility and a lot more. It will also show what roads may be closed.

You can get information on road closings and traffic in other states at the Federal Highway Administration site.

Check on conditions of the Ohio Turnpike at their site.

Even more traffic information and some traffic cams are available at the Cleveland.Com site.

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