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Dating Advice
for Tech Savvy Singles

Most everything can be done on the Internet now--pay bills, shop, buy movie tickets and even find out information about a date.

According to It's Just Lunch, the premier dating service for busy professionals, who conducted a survey of 1,167 singles, 43% of singles have Googled someone on the internet before a first date. When asked if they would be offended if their date Googled them--88% of singles said, "No way, I Googled them too."

Although the Internet has changed the way we communicate, singles still prefer old fashioned etiquette when it comes to asking someone out on a date.

80% of singles will set up the initial first date by phone when they are fixed up by friends. 16% of singles admit to asking their date out over instant messenger and 11% of singles have text messaged their date.

77% of single men believe that just because technology is advanced, it doesn't mean that they will stray from the old fashioned way of asking someone on a date.

After the first date, singles will still use the phone to follow up, but only if they are interested. 56% of singles will call after the first date if they are interested in seeing their date again. If sparks don't fly however, technology has come in handy.

If they are not interested in a 2nd date, email has become the much easier way to let someone down. 27% of single men and 39% of single women would rather send an email telling their date they don't want to see them again because they don't have to see the rejection on their date's face that they aren't interested in pursuing the relationship.

Be careful with the information you do include in emails, it could result in no 2nd dates. 23% of East Coast men and 45% of West Coast men have gotten in trouble from an email they sent about their date that was forwarded to that person.

However, 97% of women never write personal information in emails because they know that anyone can get their hands on that email.

It's Just Lunch, offers these tips for tech savvy singles.

  1. Never ask someone out on a first date by email, instant messenger or text message. A phone call is always in order.
  2. Emails relating to dating should be brief, upbeat and fun.
  3. It's ok to correspond using email regarding your plans for a date, where you will go, time etc., but always confirm the date by phone--it's much more personal.
  4. It's always nice to hear from someone after a date. If you plan to see them again, a phone call and email is nice. If you are not planning another date, a short, nice email is appropriate.
  5. Never discuss your personal life by email. Remember--emails can be forwarded or read by others. (8% of singles have read their dates personal emails.)
  6. Don't discuss friends you might have in common via email--especially anything negative.
  7. If you've gone out with someone and they are not returning your emails, consider that person not interested. Move on. Remember the trolley car comes around every 5 minutes.
  8. Don't recap details about your date on email with your friends. (22% of singles send personal emails on their work email account - remember your boss can read that.)
  9. If you are not interested in seeing someone again, don't give out your email. Be straight forward at the end of the date and tell them there is no chemistry, but it was great meeting them.
  10. Don't give out a phony email address or phone number--that just isn't a nice thing to do and it's completely unnecessary.

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