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Workplace Affairs Often Begin
during the Holiday Office Party

The typical office Christmas party is when many extramaratial affairs begin.

According to many of the latest statistics, the workplace has become the single greatest place for married people who engage in infidelity to meet the "other person". Among all of the opportunities that may exist for a spouse to go astray with a co-worker, the office holiday party is when it happens most often.

As women make advances everywhere in society, the old cliché about the boss and the young secretary carrying on an affair has been pushed aside by an increase in the number of men and women who work together as equals becoming romantically involved.

In the past there was a defined separation of the sexes within the workplace. Now there are no boundaries to interactions between men and women. This unavoidable closeness can lead to friendship and unfortunately, much more!

With the Holidays upon us, many businesses hold some form of holiday party and nearly all of them involve drinking. Everyone is in good moods and as people loosen up and let go of their normal inhibitions. That makes these holiday parties one of the prime times for co-workers who are cheating end up getting together.

More disturbing is the number of spouses who may only be attracted to a co-worker but thus far have not acted upon those feelings, who end up flirting and ultimately having sex in their drunken state.

The November issue of Men's Health magazine (December 2005 Wary Christmas) reports that 44% of males polled indicate that they have hooked up with a co-worker at a holiday office party at some point in their life.

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