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Everything You Need to Make It
to the New Year and
Find a Date Along the Way

This holiday season, Its Just Lunch, the premier dating service for busy professionals, with over 85 locations worldwide would like to make sure all the singles out there are prepared to survive the holiday season.

Its Just Lunch would like to provide you with the following Holidating Survival Kit to help you make it through this sometimes rough season and even help you find a date or two along the way.

Holidating Survival Kit Checklist

First, you must make sure you have easy access to all items in case of any unexpected holidating emergencies.

1.Plan of Attack

For those singles out there that are desperately seeking a date to keep you company during the holiday season, remember you must be open to meeting someone new everywhere you go. There are lots of opportunities throughout your regular day to meet your future partner, so shake up your routine a little bit and see what happens!

  • Get your coffee at a different place than normal
  • Go out to lunch instead of eating at your desk
  • Walk a few extra blocks to get a cocktail
  • Spread the word that youre single!

Almost everyone dreads the inevitable questions that are fired at you about your love life during the holidays, especially those coming from concerned relatives like Aunt Ruth. Its Just Lunch surveyed 2,678 singles and found that 44% expect to be asked about their love life at least 5 times during the holiday season.

When faced with this question, its important to be prepared with an excuse or two. Any of these will get you out of a sticky situation quickly.

  • Why, I am sooo glad you asked! Did you have someone in mind?
  • Im way too busy to focus on my love life right now and I have my eye on an upper management position Ive devoted all of my attention to.
  • Im hoping for a fresh start in 2006, so Im making that my New Years resolution.
  • I plead the fifth!

If the barrage of questions during Christmas Eve dinner doesnt stop at where is your date and continues on to when are you getting married, having kids, and just plain teasing about your singledom, a polite excuse may not be enough. Instead be prepared with ammunition to attack the situation full force. For example try the following,

  • Im waiting for Vince Vaughan to realize I am sooo much hotter than Jennifer!
  • Id rather not wake up to the same face everyday!
  • I dont have to ask anybody if its OK to spend $500 on a pair of shoes.
  • Id rather not deal with buying a gift so I always break up before the holidays and put the money into my 401K.

While you may appear cool and collected on the outside, excited about being single and making the best of it during the holidays, it is not always easy to keep a positive attitude. Sometimes, when you are down, you need to treat yourself to something fun.

  • Invite your single friends over for an evening of bonding and exchanging stories about your latest dates, whether good or bad.
  • Dress to the nines and go out on the town, set your mind on being excited that you are single, and exciting things are sure to come your way.
  • A nice bottle of wine and chocolate cake never hurt anyone. Just dont make it a habit!

Mistletoe! A great tool to use to get a date, or at least a kiss! According to the survey 24% of men and 20% of women have used mistletoe as an excuse to kiss someone.

6.Protective Gear

Buy yourself one great outfit, make sure its something you look and feel amazing in. Wear it to all your holiday parties!

7.Emergency Phone Numbers

Every single should have the phone number handy of a friend they can count on for a last minute date, especially during holiday party season. According to the survey 52% of singles have skipped a holiday party because they didnt want to go alone.

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