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Relationship or 'Vacationship'?

Singles Columnist and Commentator Angela Manfredi helps singles navigate the 'ships' of summer romance.

Vacations offer singles an escape from the stresses of daily life as well as the opportunity to discover a summertime soul-mate. Other than real-lationships, there are some other “ships” that singles will encounter this travel season -- all accompanied by advice to help ensure smooth sailing.

The Flirtationship:

This is the Ultimate Pretend Romance unencumbered by familiarity and take-it-furtheritis. Flirtationships abound on vacations, where the only baggage we bring is a swimsuit and sunscreen. This dalliance usually loses steam when it’s time to return to the realities every day life.

Life Preserver:

Keep this situation in perspective, enjoy it for what it is and maintain your boundaries. And remember, just because someone is registering a 7 or above on the flirtation scale, he or she may still have a honey at home!

The Vacationship.

Your eyes lock over lox at the breakfast buffet. You become a twosome, sharing the vacation experience without any history to cloud the clean slate of new romance. Sometimes, this coupling can go from a walk down the gangplank to a walk down the aisle, but what if you realize that this vacationship has sailed and you want to leave it behind?

Life Preserver:

There is no easy way to end a long-term thing or a short-term fling, but the same tenets apply: Be quick and honest. To avoid having to receive or deliver painful news, lay down ground rules for yourself ahead of time. Exercise good judgment so that a vacationship doesn’t turn into a complicationship!

The Onewaytionship:

You meet while cashing in your drink vouchers at the Tiki Bar. Initial chemistry leads to dinner during which, the conversation falls flat and the sizzle subsides. You want to finish your vacation solo, but the other person doesn’t seem to get the message.

Life Preserver:

When traveling alone, don’t rush into one-on-one time with a stranger. If you accept a date, and it doesn’t work out, be straightforward about your feelings. Then, consider enjoying the company of a group for meals and activities. If you’re traveling with friends, explain that, at least initially, you’re a package deal!

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