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Look What I'm Eating

In Response to Childhood Obesity Epedemic, Educational Book Teaches Young Readers about Food and its Purpose

According to the American Obesity Society, "Childhood Obesity is not a disease, it's an epidemic"

Inspired by alarming daily reports on rising obesity and type II diabetes in children, Tracy Hauseman was convinced to write an entertaining, yet educational book for children about the nutritional purpose of food.

Look What I'm Eating will help educate children from a young age (targeted at ages 3-8) about food, its purpose and the effect food has on our bodies. Poor eating habits and lack of nutritional education are two of the contributors to the downgrade of American children's health.

Look What I'm Eating uses rhyme to help children understand that food is more than something we put in our mouths to taste. It teaches them how the vitamins, minerals and carbohydrates in foods are used to fuel and nourish their bodies.

It's only about 30 pages and resembles a comic book - with large, bright graphics. Each nutrient (protein, Vitamin D, iron, etc) is explained by a colorful picture and a rhyme such as:

When I want a snack
I say "Cheese please"
It makes me really strong
in my bones and in my knees.
Calcium makes sure
my bones won't break
and I'm standing nice and tall
every morning I awake.

Teaching children through reading at a young age about how food affects their growth will inspire them to make healthy choices; and those choices are more likely to stick with them for life.

Look What I'm Eating is a great educational resource that can be used at school and home to introduce the concept of healthy eating to children. It has been reviewed by a pediatrician for nutritional accuracy.

This book will help children begin to understand the importance of healthy eating habits and makes learning about good nutrition as much fun as eating good food!

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