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Meet our Expert Meat Cutter
Ed Jesse of Old World Meats

Meat cut the old-fashioned way.

Featuring fresh-cut swinging beef, Daisyfield pork, Grade-A poultry, lamb, veal, deli meats, cheese and salads. Homemade fresh & smoked sausage!

MeatCutter Ed Jesse

Call ahead at 216-383-1262 and we will have your order ready for you.

Senior Discount every Thursday
- 10% off all items.


Monday - Closed
Tuesday - Saturday 9 - 6
Sunday 9 - 1

Old World Meats is a family business ... a Mom & Pop Shop

Ed Jesse began cutting meat almost 30 years ago when it was common for stores to process beef carcasses. Today, this is a lost art. Old World Meats still gets fresh Ohio swinging beef, and cuts it the old-fashioned way.

Over the years, Ed has perfected his many European sausage recipes and offers a large selection of fresh and smoked varieties each day at the store.

We have a great staff to assist you with your selections. If you don't see what you want in the counter, just ask. We love to speak with all our customers and share favorite recipes.

Old World Meats butcher Ed Jesse

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Send it to:


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Meat Cutter Ed Jesse of Old World Meats in Euclid

Expert Meat Cutter Ed Jesse of Old World Meats in Euclid

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