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Making Baking a
Family Experience

My husband is also a chef. We have a three year old son, Andrew. My husband, Jerry, and I always joke around that we hope that he doesn't follow in our footsteps in the culinary world because of the long and crazy hours. We will tell him to get a 9-5 job when he grows up! Of course, whatever path he chooses and loves, that's fine with us.

This is just a Momma story for new moms or a thank-you for wiser moms and grandmas. A thank you for the memories.

Even though it is messy, even though nothing is perfect, when I cook with Andrew, it's perfect in his eyes. My little Andrew helps me cook and clean in the kitchen.

He does big jobs like tearing up the lettuce for our salad, adding all the ingredients for our chocolate chip cookies, setting the table, stirring pancake batter and even pouring the syrup.

I'll tell you what: It makes me so happy to see him doing his "work" and how proud and eager he is to help. He tells everyone he is the one that cooks our meals.

This is why I thank my mom and grandmothers for letting me work in the kitchen. I felt like the coolest kid and to this day can still smell what my grandmas kitchen smelled like and I remember everything we talked about.

So thank your Moms and grandmas. They are the best memories to ever have and they will last a lifetime.

New moms: When the toddlers are ready get them in the kitchen ASAP. You'll be surprised how they listen and follow directions! It gives them a new sense of pride and accomplishment that will make your heart fill up with joy.

And I bet you can just imagine the day when they turn 6 and for the first time they make you breakfast in bed on Mother's Day! I know Jerry and I would be overjoyed and know we did the right thing.

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Bridget Cook
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