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Add a Patriotic Theme
to your July 4th
Summer BBQ Picnic

  • Mix blueberries in with your strawberries to make your Shortcake special.
  • Use blue tortilla chips with your red salsa and serve on white plates
  • Make star shaped sugar cookies with red and blue sprinkles
  • How about a white wine Sangria with blueberries and raspberries? Or try strawberries with blue grapes.
  • Make blue and red Kool Aid ice cubes and add to any clear drink (even water!)
  • Use purple (blue) potatoes in your potato salad. Add pimentos and sliced red pepper and white mayo.
  • Grill shish kabobs made of red tomatoes, blue potatoes and white onions.
  • If you're going to be having Vodka and tonic, a traditional summer time drink - try a flavored Vodka, like Cherry to add a festive color.
  • A touch of Blue Curacao will make any clear liquor a lovely shade of blue.
  • Not to forget the kids - Shirley Temples (Grenadine, Ginger Ale and lots of cherries!) is always special. How about skipping the Grenadine and adding a few blueberries?
  • Of course you can add sprinkles or food coloring to just about anything and you'll be all set to celebrate the country's birthday!

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