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Mary Ann
The Ghost Whisperer
TV Show

Mary Ann was approached by a company in California to do "some kind of show" about her ghostbusting.

While she was under contract, James Von Prague (who had his own television show) contacted her about doing a show. Since she was under contract she couldn't do anything but as soon as the contract ended James contacted her again and within three months they had a show.

She met a lot of people, but had no idea who any of them were. "Why would I? They were just John and Sue to me" It turns out they were "scoping her out" for the show.

John turned out to be the writer/producer director of what would become her show. He had also done the remake of Helter Skelter and a number of other movies.

The pilot was presented to CBS Touchstone and the official announcement came on May 18, 2005 that the show had been picked up for 13 episodes with an option for another 9. The decision as to whether the show continues will be made around the 4th week.

Jennifer Love Hewitt is the star of the show. It is written "as inspired by Mary Ann." "If I had my way it wouldn't look the way it looks. What I do isn't really that exciting to me."

Mary Ann finds Jennifer Love Hewitt to not only be a wonderful actress but very open to the story line and a very genuine person.

The cast also includes David Conrad as her husband and Aisha Tyler as Melinda's best friend. (Melinda is the name being used for Mary Ann's character.)

The show, called The Ghost Whisperer, will be on Friday nights at 8:00 on CBS taking the place of recently cancelled Joan of Arcadia.

"They cancelled a show about a teeny bopper that talks to God and replaced it with a slightly older teeny bopper who talks to ghosts!"

Mary Ann says there is nothing in the show that a family cannot watch together. "It's a little scary because it's about ghosts, but there's nothing that will give your kids nightmares at night."

This month's Cleveland Magazine is the Rate the Suburbs issue. The Mayor of North Royalton was asked about their cities fine points to which he responded "We're home to Ghost Buster, Mary Ann."

Mary Ann will not be doing any talks or seminars for awhile since she will be doing a publicity tour with the show. Her daughter, Tara, will be doing the shows in her place.

Mary Ann is not sure of the details but believes there will be a number of publicity contests. You can find out more on her website

There is a chance there will be a screening in downtown Cleveland. We'll keep you posted.

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Mary Ann

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