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Women of Influence
Mother's Day Tributes

Recently at an event, we had the opportunity to ask women of all ages who had the most impact in their lives. Although there were some unique answers, the vast majority answered "Mother".

In honor of Mother's Day here is a sampling of just how it is that their mother's influenced them.

"My Mother was a good, Christian woman who instilled good morals in me. She was just a good, good person"

"My mother helped me prepare for the real world. There are tons of responsibilities in the real world and my mother taught me how to handle responsibility."

"She brought me up. Pure and simple. She took me from being just a helpless little baby to being a mom myself and a good citizen"

"I am so much like my mother - just like her. The most important thing she taught us was the importance of family. We are all very close and that means a lot. If my mother hadn't cared about family, we wouldn't either and I'm so glad we do - we all have each other thanks to my mom."

"She was my mom - she couldn't help but influence me. I'm just lucky it was a positive influence!"

"My mother taught me the basics, and I'm very grateful because those are the important things. She taught me how to cook and clean and take good care of my husband and my children"

"My mom was the strongest women I ever met, to this very day."

"My mom raised 5 kids all by herself. My Dad was very young when he died and my mom went to work and raised us too. She was selfless, offered good support. A really kind woman."

"My mom was always a good listener"

"My mom was a good example of being a nice person, always doing for others. She did things quietly and in the background but she was always there."

"She was a woman of high character."

"My mother always gave me good ideas, but then let me make my own decisions. I learned a lot from her."

"Let's face it. All good things can be traced back to our mothers."

"My father died when I was a baby and I'm the youngest of twelve! My mother brought us up by herself. And we all turned out good."

"My mom raised us by herself because my dad died young. She was really a strong, good woman." Vicki

"My mother has always been there for me. Always. No exception. What a good woman she was."

"My mom did a great job in teaching me. She either had the answers or told me how to find the answers. She never let it go at "I don't know". She always showed a lot of interest in what I was doing"

"My mother was like the army - she made me be all that I could be. She encouraged and helped all of us. She was wonderful"

"My mother was a feminist before there was such a thing. She was always pro-women and passed that along to me"

"Mother had the best advice. She was always there for us and so helpful."

"Nobody was kinder or more generous than my mother. I try to be like her. I hope I am."

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