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Are you a Sports Fan?

More and more women are becoming fans each year. I feel sorry for the women who aren't.

Not just because they are missing a lot of fun. Everyone to their own tastes, but because there is so much of it on television, radio and newspapers. I personally enjoy watching sports, but if I didn't I'd be livid. So much of the news is sports; programs are preempted for sporting events.

There is a whole section in the newspaper dedicated to it. You're taking your life in your hands if you try to get the remote on Saturday or Sunday afternoon.

Thanksgiving dinner is served between football games. Some women have decided to join instead of fight and become even bigger fans than the men folk. We tend to be more forgiving and hold our grudges a shorter time. But when the error happens or we think we got cheated "look out below!"

I'm tired of hearing how our Indians are doing better than Jim Thome's new team - the Phillies. Thome who? He's gone, over, done with.

If you want to rile a fan in Cleveland just mention the Drive or the Fumble or the Shot or Jose Mesa or... Their blood pressure goes up several numbers, and they will talk about it like they are telling you something that you didn't know or happened yesterday, all the time getting angrier and angrier. It's over and done with!

Let's learn the names of our new players and cheer the ones we have now. They are the Cleveland team. It's the team not the individual player working for us. Enjoy them! Get to know them! When they leave, open the door wide to let the new guys into our Arenas and hearts.

Football, baseball and basketball are the major sports here in Cleveland. Did you know we have a women's football team, "the Fusion"? More and more people are watching (as well as playing) golf.

As winter arrives many people start up their bowling leagues. Some bars offer darts and bowling machine tourments…… A sport? You be the judge.

I am very excited about our Indians this year and am trying to get to know their names better. (Guess I'm a fair-weather fan because I should have known them all last year). The Browns season is starting and my Browns flag will hang from the porch each game.

Can't wait till Lebron and the guys are back. Good-bye Boozer, who needs him?

As the seasons turn, so do the sport events. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

My car has Indians, Browns and Cavs bumper stickers. I've even been known to draw on my face. Woof……Woof

What's your take on sports?

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