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Got a gripe? A pet peeve? Does somebody or something really make you happy (or sad or upset or...) Get it off your chest.

Stay away from politics and religion and remember that women of all ages visit this site. (We reserve the right to edit or not post your feedback)

Other than that, let's hear from you!

People who are rude to waitresses and treat them like servants really upset me.

I can't stand getting a phone call that turns out to be a pre-recorded message. They haven't time to talk to you but expect you to listen to their taped commercial!

It really gripes me that people who are spending a large amount of money in a grocery store have to stand in long lines while someone who is spending much less (10 items or less) gets preferred service.

Why do they not have stylish teen age clothes that are not immoral. My plus size teen should not be wearing 10 inch skirts. However she should be able to be in style like her friends - there are no other choices!

Do (tall) men design the height of sinks? Do they think we have arms the length of a giraffes' neck? How can we reach the back of the new refrigerators or the bottom of the new wash machines?
Shorty from Lakewood

When there is a sale at department stores or during holidays why do they not have more help? Also can't they put boxes at the counter instead of having to go through the whole store to get one (or is that the idea?)

How about people who send their children to your house day after day after school to play and never invite yours to their house. Isn't this called Babysitting and don't babysitters usually get paid?

I can't stand people who do not respect your time and are always late. It's as if they think their time is more important than yours!

Also, to the people who ask to get ahead of you in line at the supermarket, after you have been in line for 15 minutes, because they only have a few items and are in a hurry. Are you kidding?

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