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Who is this
Cleveland Woman?

Can you identify these Cleveland Women from their picture? They may be current or former Clevelanders, living or deceased, famous or not so well-known.

You can find some right here on this web site. (The Profiles of Cleveland Women might be a good place to start.)

We'll post the answers after you've had a chance to think a while.

Who is this Designing Woman?

Remember spending mornings with her?

Cleveland's oldest teenage girl?

Forget Ebert & Roeper - She knows her flicks

This Cleveland Woman provides good council

It's not news that this Cleveland Woman
was an inspiration to so many.

She sure knows her way around the Jake.

A handy woman to know

Cleveland's own gifted writer

Proved that Black girls could excel in science

Overcame tragedy through faith, family & friends

This Sister knows her Indians

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