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Ask The Dentist:
Dental Dangers?

Q. I have heard that the strips of film used to take dental x-rays are kept in lead-lined boxes to shield them from radiation. The dust from the lead can get on the film and the dentists fingers and be transferred to the patent's mouth.

Is this something we should be concerned about and ask our dentist about?

A. You can always ask your dentist about how their unexposed dental x-rays are stored. In most offices today, lead-lined boxes are not used. That was a way to store x-rays many years ago.

Today, we have better equipment and film (that results in less exposure to patients) and x-rays are usually stored in a clean container, often plastic.

Q. I saw on the Internet that a tooth will dissolve overnight if left in a can of Pepsi. My husband drinks Diet Pepsi all day - is that dangerous?

A. If a tooth were left to sit in a carbonated beverage, it could potentially damage the tooth. Excessive use of these products could be problematic.

Moderation with the amount of soft drinks would be a good idea if his use is excessive.

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Marsha Pyle DDS
Marsha Pyle DDS

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