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Diabetes Questions
- Women's Issues

Answered by Tamara Kurtis Randall, MS, RD, LD

Q.I have Type 1 diabetes and am 41 years old. TIA 8 yrs ago, now menopause. Can I consider HRT?

Will this affect my diabetes?

A. Fluctuations in hormone levels can effect blood glucose levels.

Because of the numerous risks and benefits of hormone replacement therapy, it is best to discuss your options with your physician.

Q. Recently I was diagnosed with diabetes and am now undergoing telogen effluvium. Would topical treatments such as rogaine for women or something similar help grow my hair back faster?

Or is there anything else out there that i could take to slow the shedding process? I am assuming this is a Diabetes symptom - right? Thank you.

A. Hair loss is not commonly associated with diabetes.

It could be a result of a medication you are taking - or it could be due to any one of a number of other reasons. Contact your physician for advice.

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