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What Your Feet Reveal About You: Myth or Fact?

Have you ever heard that having the 2nd toe longer than the big toe is a sign of nobility. WPST, a radio station in Princeton, New Jersey, recently aired what a person's feet may reveal about them:

  • If a person's second toe is longer than the others, they are dependable, conservative and keep their emotions in check.
  • If a person's third toe is bigger than the others, they're hot-headed and have a temper.
  • If a person has long toes, they're among the thinkers of the world.
  • If a person's feet are wide, they're a hard worker and have strong family values.
  • If a person's feet are narrow, they're shy and quiet.
  • If a person has webbed feet (a hereditary trait), they're the life of the party and would make a good salesperson or entertainer.

While all this is entertaining, many people are just plain embarrassed by their feet, a problem that proper foot care can go a long way to solving. Recommendations from foot care experts include:

  • Thoroughly wash and dry feet daily
  • Gently massage feet daily, to improve circulation
  • Throw out old shoes
  • Throw out uncomfortable shoes that could cause corns, bunions and calluses
  • Change socks and shoes twice daily
  • Throw out old nail polish
  • Every person should have their own nail implements, not to be shared with others
  • Periodically place shoes or slippers in a sunny place where they can air out
  • If you have diabetes, or are concerned about your feet, consult a podiatrist

For those ready to do something about their unattractive feet, here are some products that offer a “foot makeover."

NonyX® Nail Gel from Xenna® Corporation exfoliates the cause of yellow, discolored or thick nails, a substance called keratin debris, which builds up under toenails. NonyX is diabetic-friendly and easy to use.

CalleX® Callus & Dry Heel Ointment, also from Xenna Corporation, is diabetic-friendly and formulated with natural enzymes to thin and smooth dry, cracked heels and soften calluses. It has a pleasant peppermint fragrance and is acid and paraben free.

Thai Crystal Natural Foot Deodorant Powder contains natural mineral salts and cornstarch to keep feet dry and odor-free.

Strappy Strips by Foot Petals. Thin strips keep slingbacks from slipping off, can be used with thongs, and help prevent blisters and ugly red marks.

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