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Foot Problems

Q. Last March, I lost both big toenails following at 50k race. The nails are now almost back to normal length, but they get to a point where they don't seem to be able to grow past the skin that now impedes them from growing out the last little bit.

I have to cut the nail very short to get some pain relief. How can I get the nail to grow past this point and return to normal? Thanks for any help.

A. Injuries to nails that cause this type of toenail loss may allow fungal spores to enter the nail bed. This may be a cause to your problem. It would be best to see a foot care professional to evaluate the possibility of fungal infection.

Additionally "big" toenails generally require a full year to return to their previous length. Damage to the nail bed may have occurred that is preventing the nails from being attached to the nail bed. A visit to a qualified Podiatrist is recommended.

Q. I have flat feet and wear prescription orthotics. I'm small (130 lbs) and like a light running shoe. However, most running shoes for flat feet/stability are heavy.

Wonder, when I wear orthotics when I run, if it's be okay if I wear a lighter shoe for a mild arch (vs. a heavier shoe for no arch)? Thanks

A. Sometimes you must balance what is ideal with what is practical.

You can try to wear the orthotic with a lighter shoe and see how stable your foot feels. Check with your podiatrist at least once per year to monitor any changes with your feet.

Meet our Podiatrist
William E. Donahue, Jr., DPM, FACFAS
Board-Certified, Foot and Ankle Surgery

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