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Frail Elderly Mother
and Physical Therapy

Q. I have the opportunity to bring my elderly, very frail mother home to live with me. The option is moving her to a facility.

I am very concerned about the Physical Therapy she will need (she is in the hospital now from a broken hip and can't go back to living alone). She is so frail. I am scared I can do more damage. Are my fears realistic or selfish?

I really think I would be happy to have my mother here, but maybe I'm just using my fear as an excuse. Is it reasonable to think a person can safely handle an elderly person themselves? Are there any options? Do physical therapists ever come to the house? Thank you.

A. This is a wonderful question and one that many people can relate to! I can only imagine the fear you must be feeling, not to mention the unbelievable responsibility!

However, a physical therapist can teach you easy tricks for assisting and transferring your mother and she will most likely thrive in your home setting. If you decide to bring her home, there are many options and I would strongly suggest that you utilize the services of a social worker who can discuss those options with you.

There are home health aides and home physical therapists that can help with bathing and ambulating. Occupational therapists help with dressing, bathing and toileting skills.

If you decide to bring your mother home with you, make sure that you have a good support system as well that will allow you to get out and take breaks and continue your regular lifestyle.

If you decide on a nursing home or step-down unit, that can be only temporary and you can wait until she is a bit stronger to make your decision. Good luck!

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Or call 216-292-6363 ext. 236


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