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Building Your Field of Dreams
By Debbie Christofferson, CISSP, CISM

What did you want to be when you grew up? Are you living that dream? If you created your own job today, what would it look like?

Making the Major League

Revisit your current job, and then write up the perfect job description, for where you’d excel doing what you love. See what pops out that you can build on. Write a development plan that identifies your goals and steps to achieve them. Where do you start?

Finding the Strike Zone

Drive your goals against these leading trends and markets:

  • Technology spending is on the rise.
  • Biotechnology and Nanotechnology offer research and development career options.
  • Aerospace and jet propulsion engineers face future shortages. .NET and C developers are needed now. Electronic gaming, consulting and corporate bloggers are in demand.
  • Security sits front and center in a mass migration to digital formats. Heavy regulations dictate protection of intellectual property, privacy and financials.
  • The financial industry focuses largely in security, auditing, and accounting. Defense sector will fatten your wallet, and even more if you hold a US security clearance.
  • Online crime and fraud are increasing, plus demand for forensics experts. With a spate of disasters, business continuity and disaster planning are ignored at great peril. Counterfeiting takes a big bite of global trade.
  • Math, science and pre-school teachers are desperately needed. Distance learning and tutoring are thriving.
  • Speaking a second language distinguishes your career. English 101 is huge business in China. Travel to Spain, and converse in English to help local businessmen learn English through Vaughan Systems. Japan periodically seeks instructors to teach English in schools. For India, a member of my Mastermind group was hired for an “Accent Reduction” program.
  • Health and medical fields creates massive employment, far beyond a nursing shortfall. Security and privacy are regulated and health records are moving online. Medical technicians, child psychiatrists, pharmacists, and physician assistants are needed to fill shortages.
  • Water and environmental preservation are rising, along with the search for alternative fuel and power. Computer recycling programs are mandatory in Europe and two US states.
  • Small businesses numbers have hit the 50 percent range of all US enterprises. Franchises are booming. Ebay is becoming a major American income source. Coaching, resume writing, home inspectors, medical coders, and errand services are hot start-ups. An Arizona transplant from the auto parts industry recently started the “Queen Creek Olive Mill”.
Entrepreneurs and small business turn the spokes of innovation and create vast employment. Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Andy Grove, and Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard all started legendary companies as small technology start-ups. Why not you?

Playing the Field

Leading the US in job creation, The Arizona Republic on February 6, listed Arizona, Washington DC, Los Angeles, New York and Las Vegas. Biotech centers thrive in San Francisco, Boston, and San Diego, with Phoenix as an up-and-comer. California Bay area reigns VIP of the high tech universe. But you can build your dream anywhere.

Fowling Out

Lower level engineers, maintenance programmers, and call centers are moving overseas. Telecommunications stood still. US automotive and airline industries are losing jobs and money.

Licensed real estate agents have grown exponentially, and real estate attorneys or paralegals create alternatives in a glutted market. Travel is up but so are costs.

Rounding Home Plate

How have you invested the first half of your life? Still waiting to hit one out of the park? Create your plan, plot your course and take action.

Seek a coach, mentor, or take advantage of online and community learning forums. Explore new careers using vacation time, or volunteering off hours. Test-drive your dream job with www.vocationvacations.com.

Sign-up now at no charge for: “Entrepreneur 101: How to Start and Grow a Successful Business.” Email or phone today to attend this live 1-hour expert interview teleseminar: 480-988-4194 or DebbieChristofferson@earthlink.net


Are you a skeptic of a Masters Degree value? Do you view certifications as a scam designed to fund training company profits? Tune in next month for a lively discussion on education and certification myths, and the impact to your career and pay.

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