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Dear Webby

Dear Webby,

Sometimes when I break up with someone or have a really big falling out I go out and buy myself a new outfit. Why do I do this? I do love clothes and love to shop.

Loves to Shop

Dear Shopper,

You answered your own question - "You love to shop." When you feel down or hurt you want to make yourself feel better.

Assuming you don't break up or have major fallouts often and you can afford it, Webby doesn't see a major problem. If this is happening often you may want to re-think how you pick your friends or consider if you might have a temper problem that alienates people.

Have you noticed on television shows when women are upset you see them with a pound of chocolates or eating ice cream right out of the carton? Webby could never figure why they never get a bowl. They are soothing themselves.

Some people take to drink or close themselves off from the world till they heal. Some get a new hair style - suggesting a (hopefully)new beginning. Some on the rebound hook up with the next person they meet. Bad idea!

Better you should have new clothes and a good outlook, rather than destroy your health or punish yourself. There are worse things than shopping - if you can afford what you purchase.

Webby hopes you enjoy your purchases but realize they are a temporary comfort - not a solution to other issues. See you at the mall!


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