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Dear Webby

Gentle reader,

Though the technology has changed, life's problems seem to be the same year after year. People face the same social and family issues today that they did when Webby was a youngster.

This advice column will consider some of your nagging questions and offer my gracious opinions in return. That's all they are - opinions. Not fact, not Gospel - just Dear Webby's opinions.

Some questions will be answered by Webby privately if you leave your e-mail. Others that are of general interest will be posted for all to read.

Webby has been offering advice at ClevelandSeniors.Com for a few years (take a look) and now expands her wise, yet gentle, nudging to females of all ages.

Wedding Shower for 2nd marriage
What's the purpose of a shower?

Hostess doesn't want guests to bring food
But one couple does

Baby Shower for 3rd child?
Dear Webby - I'm tired of showers

Sister-in-law is always late
Fed up with the 'fashionably late' excuse

Girl's father dating too soon
after the sudden death of her mother

21 year old needs personal space
Her boyfriend just doesn't get it

Private Holiday with Immediate Family
Or the Hubub of the whole clan?

Spring Broken
Parents won't let her go to Spring Break

Baby it's cold inside
The boss keeps office temp too low!

Wants out of marriage
after 23 years and large weight loss

Rumors that his wife is cheating
with a so-called friend

Kids want to take in Katrina victims
The family just can't handle that

Colleague copies fashion style
How to keep her individual style

Grandpa plays favorites
and Mom feels bad for her daughter

Two weddings on the same day
Which to choose? Friend or Family?

The daughter's response to the after-prom
Webby gets an earful but stands her ground

After prom activities
Should daughter be allowed to go?

Friends don't chip in for gas
It's getting expensive!

Taking off work and school for St Patricks Day
What does Webby think?

Son smokes pot at home
Webby lays down the law

Too many at Thanksgiving table?
Webby and the Huns

Busy Mom wants to Exercise
But can't find the time

Goes shopping when depressed
Webby offers advice

14 and going to a Pool Party
Doesn't want to wear a bikini

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