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Dear Webby
Copying my Fashions

Dear Webby,

This may sound petty but I have a colleague who seems to be competing with me in terms of fashion. She has started to buy the same exact clothing items, and shows up to work looking like me.

Honestly I don't like it. It bothers me because I do want my own style, and enjoy expressing individuality through fashion. This has happened before with other colleagues, similar in age and it bothered me then too.

To see someone come in to work with many of the same clothing items on can be a bit weird. My question is, is there something wrong with me for letting this bother me? Should it? Also, what do I do to continue to have my own style? Re-create it?

Dear Fashion Diva,

Imitation is the best form of flattery. However Webby understands your feelings.

Is she in awe of you in other areas? If she is easy to talk to perhaps you could suggest some clothing items you think would look good on her. Find areas in which you differ.

For example coloring, height, weight and build.

Perhaps you could be looking at a fashion magazine and comment, "this would really look good on you but it's not for me. Funny how something's are right for one person but not another and still be fashionable."

Tell her how you love fashion and enjoy shopping and talking about it with others. Fashion is a hobby with you and you enjoy creating your own style. That you enjoy helping others with their trade marks.

Webby has a friend who often helps others pick out clothes that are right for them but that she wouldn't wear herself. People should celebrate their differences in style and their sameness in good values.

If you were telling Webby that she was wearing her skirts the same length or the same height in heels, I would wonder if you are both just very current in style. When you say she is buying the same exact clothing items, that's weird.

I wish I knew more about your relationship with her otherwise. It is even stranger that you have had this experience before.

Webby wonders if you offer information on stores and prices when given a compliment instead of just "Thank you".

Webby too loves fashion and is now wondering why no one copies her style? Maybe she has bad taste.

Continue to enjoy your good taste, what looks good on you can't possibly look as good on someone else copying your style.

A red hat for instance is just a red hat but on the proper head with the proper tilt? Wow! She can copy the hat but not the tilt.

Have fun,


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