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Dear Webby

Dear Webby,

The weather is still nice and I am invited to a pool party. I am fourteen and my friends are all buying new bikinis - they seem a little too revealing to me.

My parents will not let me get one and honestly I'm not fond of them myself. But I hate to look out of it. Should I make an excuse and stay home?

Out of place

Dear Out of place,

You're not out of place. The only reason for you to stay home is if you have something better to do or the party doesn't sound like fun. Since you mentioned neither, you're going!

There are so many cute suits out there - both one and two piece. Will your parents allow you to have a two piece one? There is really no style to the bikini. A strap down the back and a bra. Big deal.

Webby thinks this is one of those things that the guys are supposed to like and therefore they all say they do. But I bet most of the boys will feel more comfortable around girls who show some self-respect and dignity.

Webby would tell them, (and only if it comes up), that you prefer a different style suit than the bikini, and let it go at that. She'd also have one of the sharpest cover-ups around.

Webby always tried to look a little different from the herd even as a teen, partly because I liked to be different and partly because I was lucky enough to have parents like yours.

The teen years are a tough time and it's easier to fit in if we all look the same. Boring!

The teen years are also a good time to start exerting you own individuality instead of just following the pack. You can do it. Whether they express it or not, you will be admired and probably even copied by some at the next event.

Be yourself, but not your naked self, and have fun.


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