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Dear Webby

Dear Webby,

I want to exercise but can't find the time. Can you help me with ideas or a plan?

My husband travels a lot so is little help. I have 3 children; one in preschool a half a day the other 2 all day. There are many activities that I have to drive them to or be involved in. I also work part time.

A Busy Mother

Dear Busy,

Did Webby read it correctly when you said you "want "to exercise? If so, you have the battle half won. Now if you meant to say you "should or need to" exercise that's tougher, but join the crowd.

Depending on your personality there are several routes you can take. I'm sure you've heard them all. Just decide on the one that best suits you and run (or walk) with it.

Some motivated souls set the alarm clock across the room and get the exercise in before the turmoil starts. God Bless them!

Some join an exercise club and feel if they pay for it they are more likely to go. Also a lot of people like the camaraderie of group exercise.

Some people scatter their routine throughout the day, lifting weights while they watch television or treadmilling to music.

Every little thing helps, like doing a few bends while waiting for the kettle to boil, doing deep breathing in car while waiting for the children, taking stairs, parking a little farther away - you know the tricks.

Some people are able to adjust each day differently. They are able to make a pact with themselves not to go to bed without exercising. Webby is not one of those people but God bless them too!

When Webby says she hasn't time she thinks of all the busy people that somehow manage it. She sees you are indeed very busy but if you set reasonable goals and make your health a priority you can do it.

If one of the children had another class or function you would somehow work it in, right? Or if a friend needed you for something, you'd somehow find time.

Be your own best friend and make the time for you. If you think you need an excuse (you know you don't) do it so the children and your husband will continue to have a healthy mother and wife.

Now you go girl. You can do it. The hardest part is starting. Webby has faith in you but cautions you to do as she says, not as she does.


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