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Dear Webby

Dear Webby,

My husband and I are very upset. My son and his buddy came home from college for the Christmas holidays.

I do not like smoking of any kind in my home and he knows it. He however took advantage of my kindness to a guest and both of them smoked some sweet smelling stuff. My husband said it was marijuana.

He is a law student and I don't want him to jeopardize his career. Is he to old for me to insist he stop?

Worried by Weed

Dear Worried by Weed,

You are not silly nor is this a silly problem. You and your husband allowed the law to be broken in your home. Your health was put in jeopardy so as not to hurt the feelings of an ill-mannered guest. Shame on everyone involved.

Your son and his friend abused your hospitality. Webby would have stopped it with the first light up. However since that is too late, let him know how you feel in no uncertain terms.

Webby would tell him that he and his friends are welcome in your home as long as they mind the house rules. No rules - no guests!

Remind him that smoking marijuana is against the law and he put you and your husband in a bad situation and ruined your holidays. This will never happen again! If he tries to tell you that everyone does it don't believe him - they don't.

As for his smoking while away as a law student he should know better; but if he intends to continue all funds will be cut off. Webby would definitely follow through.

Make sure his grades are being upheld because it sounds like he is undisciplined. Make sure he knows you love him but will not tolerate this behavior.

The hardest part of love is "tough love" but it can also be the strongest love.

Webby wishes you and your family a very happy new smoke free new year.

Happy New Year to all my readers!


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