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Dear Webby

Dear Webby,

St.Patrick's Day is in a few weeks, and I dread it. My husband is Irish. He takes off work and takes the children out of school to go to the parade.

After the parade we go to one of his relative's homes for (ugh) corned beef and cabbage.

I do not think the children should miss school and he should grow up and go to work. What do you think?

Not Irish

Dear Not Irish,

That you're not Irish goes without saying! Sorry, you wrote to the wrong advice column.

Webby has always loved St.Patricks Day, taking the day off from school (and feeling special), the parade, family singing and having fun and yes even the corned beef. Now she even enjoys green beer..Try it you'll like it.!

Webby wonders what kind of relationship you have with your in-laws the rest of the year. She hopes you enjoy the other holidays with them. Family is very important and traditional celebrations are great for the children.

Do they want to take off? Do they enjoy the parade and visiting with their relatives? I hope they have not picked up on your negative feelings.

Be grateful your husband shares his special holiday with family; a lot of people celebrate with their peers at a bar.

Webby feels the experience is well worth the day off from school. Heritage is important and I hope you share yours with the children. Many cultures have special events during the year. If yours doesn't, maybe you could designate a date and celebrate your family's culture with foods and stories from that country.

Why not surprise your family by getting up before them, decorating the house and "yourself" in green. Greet them with "mora na maidine dhuit"(the top of the Morning to you). Then after he faints pick your husband up off the floor and decide to enjoy the festivities. Have you taken a turn with the entertaining?

If this is too much, take to your bed with a headache and let your husband take the children. That is better than complaining all day and spoiling every ones fun. No one needs a wet blanket especially on St.Patricks Day.

You do know that on St.Patricks day everyone is Irish don't you?

Now aren't you glad you wrote ?


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