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Anger Management

Q. I get really enraged sometimes. I mean really really enraged. It doesn't have to be about anything important either, it's like just something will trigger me and look out, there's no going back.

I'm post menopausal, (it's been 5 years) so I don't think it can be hormonal. What can I do to prevent and control these episodes?

I don't do anything physical, like hit or break things, but I can really get mean and loud and even while it's happening I know I'm out of control. Thanks for your help.

A.. It is a good idea to learn to control one's anger in ways that help one regain control and that are socially acceptable. If you haven't done so already, you might work with one of the many Anger Management workbooks available at bookstores or your public library.

One of the goals will be to try to identify what feelings are underneath your rage reactions; you will learn ways of dealing with the feelings in safe and appropriate ways, and learn to utilize tools to help prevent your anger from building to the point of rage.

If self-help isn't sufficient, a clinical social worker or other mental health professionals can help you manage in ways in which you feel more in control.

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Anne Cook Finnegan

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