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Mental Health Advice
For Women & Girls

Meet our Mental Health Expert
Anne Cook Finnegan, LISW, LICDC

Meet our Mental Health Expert
Kenneth G. Alexander, M.Ed., LPC, CCDC-III-E

No Body is Perfect
Body Image and Shame

A Healthy Holiday Season
Avoiding the "Griswold Syndrome"

Your Most Unrecognized Need

Addicted to the Internet?
How much is too much?

Socializing a Child
With deaf parents

Can't Resist Food
Successful but can't stop eating

Anger Management
"I just get enraged sometimes!"

How much Worry is Normal?
General Anxiety Disorder - GAD

What's Wrong with Pulling My Hair out?
Book offers hope for Trichotillomania Sufferers

Husband left her and son
The hate and rage is affecting her life

Husband won't take care of health
After a heart attack - what to do?

Will fears be passed on to children?
Are phobias genetic?

Are you SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder)?
10 easy steps to turn the Wintertime Blues around

Parent "apologizes" for everything
Expert advice to handle it

Running into Therapist in social situation
How to handle it

Kids using bad language
Kids disturbed by watching news

Psychiatrist and Psychologist
What's the difference?

Ask our Mental Health Expert a question

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