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Shut Up and Talk:
Speak to Sell Yourself in Your Career, Business and Life
By Debbie Christofferson, CISSP, CISM

If you've heard of Isaiah Washington's firing from Grey's Anatomy, you'll know he's inflicted with diarrhea of the mouth, and can't seem to control his public voice.

Or like 75% of the population, you may suffer from "Glossophobia", the fear of public speaking known better as "stage fright".

What comes out when you open your mouth? Do you blather on and on, while people drop like flies, or slink to the nearest exit? Do people ignore what you have to say, or speak over top of you?

Do you command credibility, presence and results, when you speak up in a group, room, or on a public stage?

Like Hillary Clinton's more recent public speaking persona in her run for the White House, if she can do it, so can you. Change your speaking and change your life.

Crank up your public speaking skills to get what you really want.

Communication is the number one job skill today required for success, and nearly all jobs require it. The higher you climb in any organization, the more critical the spoken word becomes.

Benefits of public speaking:

  • Raise your visibility
  • Increase your self-confidence
  • Project more power
  • Gain credibility
  • Develop greater influence
  • Grow your results
  • Sell your ideas, products and services
  • Ignite your career and business
  • Create higher levels of success
  • Have fun
  • Meet people
  • Enhance every aspect of your life through stronger communication skills

Great speakers are made, never born. Whether you want to gain a huge edge over the competition, or prepare for a field that requires higher speaking standards, you can build your skills to any level. To increase opportunities in your job, school and life, start now.

10 easy ways to grow your speaking skills starting today

  1. Start small. Join or chair a user group, community or activity group, for something that interests you.
  2. Train formally. Attend classes in Communications, Public Speaking, Instructor Workshop, or Presentation Skills. Take a Dale Carnegie workshop.
  3. Join a Toastmasters group, or the National Speakers Association as a Candidate.
  4. Join a drama club, theatre, debate team, or Improv group.
  5. Read Alan Weiss's Money Talks: How to Make a Million as a Speaker, on public speaking as a profession, in your local library.
  6. Use a speaking coach. As Simon Cowell told us regarding American Idol: If you want to run the 100-meters in 10-seconds, you aren't going to do it without a coach." - I Don't Mean to Be Rude, But..., By Simon Cowell, 2003, P. 220
  7. Teach a class for your community or school on something you know and enjoy.
  8. Plan ahead. Prepare your topic and practice, practice, practice.
  9. Use your own style and dress for comfort.
  10. Never apologize. Give it your best effort, and don't make excuses that sound like you gave less than your best.

If you intern during college, report your results formally in a business staff meeting. Share feedback on your experience. You'll make a much greater impression.

Make your mouth count

Confront your fears and take charge. Integrate speaking into your education and career planning. When you open your mouth to speak, make it count. Stand up and stand out.

Join us: FREE "Power Career" seminars are offered via tele-seminars where we interview Guest Experts, including public speaking. Send email to me today to receive the calendar.

Debbie Christofferson is a member of the National Speakers Association. She's a published author, speaker and columnist on career strategies and trends, especially in the high tech field, where she shares 20 years of Fortune 500 management experience. www.Sapphire-Security.com or email to Debbie@Career-Therapy.com

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