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10 Things You Want Your Reputation To Say About You
by Mary Foley

When it comes to building your business or your career in a company, how people perceive you is often to the difference between more sales, promotions, and certainly your satisfaction.

Here are ten things you want your reputation to say about you. Use it for yourself and share it with a friend to help her build her business or career (these tips work for personal relationships, too!).

1. Give credit where it's due. You're nothing without the support of other peoples' contributions, technical know-how, and creative ideas.

2. Create a safe place for brainstorming. People need to know you'll receive their ideas in a respectful and kind manner.

3. Respect yourself and take yourself lightly too. Your ability to laugh at your own moments of foolishness or mistakes will make everyone relax around you.

4. Keep confidences. Make sure you remain discreet and people will continue sharing valuable information with you.

5. Seek out diversity. Create space in your life that will hold anyone of caliber.

6. Be comfortable with conflict. You may not love it, but you need to accept that conflict is a dynamic circumstance that can lead to even more powerful creativity.

7. Share information. Share "public domain" information from your department or other parts of the business that will help others.

8. Try to assume the positive in a questionable circumstance. People will feel safe with you if they know you're thinking the best of them.

9. Don't inflate negative situations. Sure bad things happen, but try to keep them in perspective.

10. Don't appear doubtful about your principles. When you put a stake in the ground, mean it. Take a stand.

About Mary Foley

During a successful, demanding, rising through the ranks 10 year career with America Online Mary learned that the only way to thrive in today's world is to be bold, positive, and courageous - bodacious!

Today Mary inspires women everywhere to be bodacious in their lives, careers and businesses. You can be inspired, too! Get a free copy of Mary's e-book "How to Be Courageously in Charge of Your Life and Lovin' It!" at www.gobodacious.com!

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