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Top Ten Tips for Not Frightening an Employer This Halloween

The number one rule for job seekers is to stand out from the crowd; however you could be leaving a frightening impression if you are ill-prepared for an interview," said Randy Bitting, InterviewStream founder.

"In fact, the same advice applies to veteran employees as well. For example, donít be a vampire and mentally drain all of your co-workers. Think of everyday as a job interview," he continued.

Bitting offers the following tips for job seekers and employees this Halloween:

1. Donít offer your interviewer or boss some of your Trick or Treat candy ó youíre 20-something not 12!

2. Donít leave your hoop earrings in and painted-mustache on after dressing as Captain Jack Sparrow gentlemen! Ladies, remove the corset no matter how small it makes your waist look.

3. Donít play zombie. Get a good night sleep and act engaged during the job interview or new work-day, no matter how nervous or tired you are.

4. Donít mention that you cross-dressed as a French Maid, not to mention bring in photos or post them on MySpace. Ladies, keep the racy Playgirl Bunny photos private too.

5. Donít carry over your Britney Spears or Frankenstein vocabulary by saying "Like, Umm & Uhh" with every response; lose the filler words and try replaying each with a short pause. We get enough Britney on TV.

6. Donít be a vampire and suck all the energy from the interviewer with your lack of participation. Likewise, donít mentally drain all of your co-workers by not pulling your weight.

7. Donít be a Ghost. They canít hire you if you donít bother to show up for your interview but they can fire you if you donít show up for your job.

8. Donít describe Saw 1V (or a similarly gory movie) to the interviewer or the CEO as you see him/her in the elevator as a recent movie that you really enjoyed.

9. Donít list on your resume that your scares were up 200% year after year while working at the local haunted house and include that as your community service.

10. Donít include a cane and top hat with your interview suit gentlemen; Hugo Boss didnít have leopard, polyester suits this season and besides, pimp costumes are so 1998.

Ladies, leave the fishnets, fur and platform-fishbowl pumps home until next Halloween as well.

Founded in 2003, InterviewStream was quickly adopted as the premier practice and screening interviewing tool for job seekers, career counselors, & employers across 4 continents and in 44 states. InterviewStream now provides video interview technology to hundreds of universities, MBA Programs, job boards, and employers around the globe including 9 of the top 10 global MBA Programs and the #1 entry level job board.

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