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Be informed before
voting for Judges

Who are these people?

Even for those who take the time and study the numerous candidates for Judge in Cuyahoga County, it can be difficult to determine who to vote for.

And consider all the people who don't take the time to make an informed decision. They may pick a familiar name or choose randomly.

Fortunately, there is a non-partisan resource that can assist you and others to make an informed choice when you vote for judges.

You will find how the five major bar associations in Greater Cleveland rated these Cuyahoga County candidates - and biographies for these judicial candidates, as well - at Judge4Yourself.com, a non-partisan website.

This website, where voters can view a printable candidate grid they can take into the ballot booth, is maintained by The Judicial Candidates Rating Coalition. The grid also contains endorsements made by The Plain Dealer and the Call & Post.

Judges hold an extraordinary amount of power over our lives. Yet, too many voters continue to play the "judicial guessing game" at election time.

This website does not tell you who you should or should not vote for. It just lists the ratings from 5 different Bar Associations and the 2 newspaper endorsements. Plus, you can click on the candidate's name to read their bio including education and experience.

Let your voice be heard - and make sure that the judges that you vote for are those that best represent you.


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