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Branding Tools to
fulfill your Brand's Promise
By Valarie D. Willis

If you want to improve on your personal brand, use the tips below:

10 Ways to Deliver on your Brand Promise

1. Review the code of conduct and live it daily.

2. Treat others in ways that align with the organizational values and code of conduct.

3. Ask people for feedback. You can't fix what you don't know is broken.

4. Be a role model for those around you. Behave in ways that you want to see repeated.

5. Be sure your written communication reflects who you are. (Including emails)

6. Recognize and respond to teaching moments.

7. View your brand through the lens of others.

8. Build relationships with people.

9. Keep your promise. Promise only that which you will keep.

10. Do what you say you will do. Always keep your word.

Copyright© 2008 Valarie D. Willis. Valarie Willis is a Senior Facilitator with Bluepoint Leadership Development

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