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Weather -
Cleveland & Beyond

Weather in Cleveland is a big part of our life.

We are one of the few areas in the world that experience Lake Effect Snow, for example. Lucky us.

This section will give you advice and information about dealing with our 4 seasons.

You'll even learn more about our local weather forecasters.

Click for Cleveland, Ohio Forecast

A Guess of Weathermen
Landerhaven February 13, 2007
Dick Goddard, Mark Nolan, Mark Johnson, Jon Loufman and Don Webster

Meet our Weather Expert
Sandy Maurer from the National Weather Service

Severe Weather Awareness
Severe Spring Weather - Important Information

Summer Weather Information
Thunder, Lightning and more

Winter Weather Words
Getting ready for cold weather

It's not the heat, it's the humidity
What do those words mean?

I can feel it in my bones
The weather's affect on how we feel

If you have a question or tip about the weather let us know at Weather@ClevelandWomen.Com

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